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Innovation: QuickShelf - The fast intermediate layer system for large load carriers

TRIPLEX presents the trade fair novelty at Interpack 2023! Visit us at booth B79 of Interplast Kunststoffe in hall 10 and experience the new QuickShelf system live.

TRIPLEX Container bases - Flexible for even greater safety and protection

TRIPLEX container bases – the perfect addition to increase transport safety and protection of the transported goods in large carriers. They are firmly connected to the TRIPLEX pallet enclosures or TRIPLEX pallet sleeves, and their design can be customised to fit their area of use.

TRIPLEX CoverTec “strong” - Safety and durability for container systems

TRIPLEX CoverTec “strong” is the new TRIPLEX structured-core panel that comes finished with either a high-strength, plain-weave polypropylene fabric or a special polypropylene non-woven material. When it comes to protecting load carriers and goods from damage caused by forklifts and pallet trucks, robust CoverTec “strong” is a truly impressive solution in every respect.

TRIPLEX Attachment sleeves - Secure, practical, smart and specially designed for flat pallets

TRIPLEX attachment sleeves combine shipping and sales packaging in one solution. In a matter of seconds, they turn a conventional flat pallet into a bespoke container that can be used to transport and store goods safely and securely – and is sure to catch the eye on the sales floor, too.

TRIPLEX „EcoLine“ – More than just recycled material

The new, sustainable, resource-saving range of TRIPLEX structured core panels: Made from our own premium 100 % recycled polypropylene with a minimal carbon footprint.

The new TRIPLEX Quick Fit Movie - The quick and robust sleeve connecting profile

TRIPLEX QuickFit – the quick and robust sleeve connecting profile

Previously, two-part sleeve pack systems were connected using Velcro straps. The precise positioning of the two sleeve elements used to be time-consuming, prone to errors and the Velcro straps could wear out over time. With the new QuickFit profile system, this inconvenience is a thing of the past

The QuickFit profile allows for an extremely easy release and connection of the two sleeve parts, as the removable sleeve part is simply pulled out from and re-inserted into the other part. Both sleeve elements are quickly, precisely and firmly connected to each other. Thanks to the profile, the two sleeve parts are always correctly aligned without offset, which significantly increases the stability of the ring and thus of the entire container. Folded together, the pallet enclosure including the profile may be stowed optimally between pallet and lid without taking up too much space.

The new TRIPLEX Plug'n Pack Movie - The rapid sleeve pack system

TRIPLEX Attachment sleeves — Especially for flat pallets

The TRIPLEX attachment sleeves transform any conventional pallet into a container system in seconds. Perfectly processed and of highest quality, they are individually designed and manufactured for pallets of all types and equipped according to customer requirements.

The new TRIPLEX QuickSnap

The latest generation of TRIPLEX locks has been released, for use with all bins, pallet boxes and containers made from TRIPLEX structuredcore panels!